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Audix CabGrabber Mic Packs

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Audix CabGrabber Mic Packs The Cabi5 and Cabf5 kits are "ready to go" bundles that each feature Audix instrument microphones and their CabGrabber™ microphone mounting system. Each pack contains an i5 or f5 dynamic microphone, mic clip and the CabGrabber mic mounting system. The CabGrabber grips guitar cabinets from their side or top without damage because of the soft, rubber cushioning pads. For as permanent as they look, CabGrabbers mount in seconds and without tools plus repositioning is quick and easy.

A curved arm and locking choke system assures repeatable microphone placement with final adjustments made right at the mic clip. You can add Audix's Boom CG option that allows for more exacting positioning if the speakers in your cabinet require it. I like the cable clips that keep the cables out of the way--especially important for fast backline setups on live stages.

The CabGrabber can accommodate guitar cabinets from 8 to 14-inches deep and can mount on recessed, flush or slanted cabinets. The CabGrabberXL is for larger cabinets 14 to 20-inches deep such as bass amp cabs.

The Audix i5 dynamic cardioid mic handles up to 144 dB SPL with a frequency response of 50Hz to 16kHz while the f5 hyper cardioid dynamic mic will take 136dB with 55Hz to 15kHz response. Both microphones are constructed using a precision cast zinc alloy body, steel mesh grill and black finish.

The Cabi5 is $190 and the Cabf5 pack is $150. For more information, go to:

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