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Auralex ProGO Stand-Mounted Absorbers

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Auralex ProGO Stand-Mounted Absorbers Auralex ProGO Stand-Mounted Absorbers The ProGO™ Stand-Mounted Absorbers are free standing acoustic treatment gobos or baffles. These stylish acoustic panels look like room dividers and are useful on stage, classrooms, home theaters, Hi-Fi listening spaces, and in project/home studios.

These portable absorbers are built from a two-sided ProPanel™ assembly fitted into a custom black melamine-laminated base. They come in two models: 2' x 6' x 8" (shown left) or 4' x 4'x 8" (right) each with an included floor stand that's easy to move. Optional casters are available for increased mobility.

ProGOs are perfect for controlling early reflections around the listening position (the "sweet spot" to listen with the most accuracy) and are also highly effective as bass traps when they straddled across the corners of your room.

In the recording studio, well-placed ProGOs can be used to minimize sound leakage between instruments, amps and vocalists during recording sessions or live performances whilst maintaining line-of-sight between musicians and singers. Project studios, home theatres or Hi-Fi listening rooms benefit from using just the right amount of room ambience by varying the position and number of ProGOs in those spaces.

A great 'New Toy' indeed and I can't wait to get a pair of them for my studio! For more information and pricing, check:

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