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Auralex ProMAX Acoustic Panels

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Auralex ProMAX Acoustic Panels Auralex's ProMAX™ stand-mounted panels are instant problem-solvers for reducing unwanted sound reflection and excessive reverberation. Being a standalone absorption panel with a built-in floor stand, ProMAX panels are useful where boundary-mounted (walls and ceilings) acoustical treatments are not possible or even feasible.

ProMAX panels are useful in rented spaces or for location recording in acoustically-terrible rooms by film/television or ENG-- electronic news gathering crews.

This updated version has both an absorptive side and a reflective side, providing the option of also enlivening a section of a room for recording acoustic instruments. You may find the absorptive side of several ProMAX panels useful for 'reigning in' an overly live room when a recording speakers in a business meeting set in a temporary space.

The 2'x4' Studiofoam® panels are three inches thick and feature a cloth-wrapped, moderately reflective rear surface. With several ProMAX panels surrounding a group of musicians (say a string quartet) or a small discussion group in a space, just the right room ambience is obtained by varying the quantity, orientation and spacing of them.

ProMAX panels are made from a proprietary melamine-free formula that won't crumble like other materials and comes in charcoal gray. For more information, check:

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