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Blue Microphones Nessie

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Blue Microphones Nessie Blue Microphone's Nessie, affectionately-named for its apparitional 'look' that seemingly rises up from below your desktop's surface--will instantly deliver studio-enhanced sound for vocals, instruments and voiceovers.

All is well with Nessie benevolently adapting to whatever you're recording automatically by applying studio processing and relying on the built-in pop filter and internal shock mount to produce a finished sound without worry.

Nessie is a USB, "point and record" system with built-in EQ, de-esser and level controller and three recording modes optimized for vocals, instruments or basic raw audio capture applications.

Nessie has a single, custom-tuned condenser capsule with a cardioid polar pattern and features a zero-latency headphone output monitoring with volume control for direct monitoring plus a audio mute switch right on the microphone's base.

For optimal positioning, Nessie's head nods up and down with serpentine flexibility and is plug-and-play compatible via USB for both PC and Mac computers without installing a driver.

Nessie sells for $99 and for more check out:

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