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CAD Audio GXL Dual Wireless Systems

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CAD Audio GXL Dual Wireless Systems CAD Audio's value-oriented GXL Series of studio microphones, headphones and accessories now has two new wireless systems: the GXL-V VHF (185.8 to 213.4MHz) and the GXL-U UHF (543.1 to 593.5MHz). These are transmitter/receiver bundles with a choice of either a handheld microphone or body pack transmitters supplied with a guitar cable and a head worn condenser boom mic.

Both the GXL-V VHF and the GXL-U UHF systems each have dual receivers inside side-by-side so that two transmitters' signals can be received simultaneously. One transmitter might be the handheld microphone and the other a body pack transmitter for guitar or head worn boom mic.

The receivers have green indicator LEDs that show both solid radio signal strength and good and clear audio signals--yes or no. The receivers also have convenient volume controls for setting proper audio level to your mixer, PA system or musical instrument amp if you're using the body-pack transmitter for guitar or bass.

I like that the receivers have both professional XLR and 1/4-inch discrete outputs for each channel plus another XLR jack for a mix of the two channels' audio streams together.

I just love the affordable price point of these systems! CAD Audio's GXL-V VHF wireless is $129 MSRP and the CAD Audio GXL-U UHF wireless is $209 MSRP.

For much more about these new wireless systems and the entire CAD Audio line up, check:

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