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Cerwin-Vega P-Series Professional PA Systems

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Cerwin-Vega P-Series Professional PA Systems Cerwin-Vega's new P-Series family of powered loudspeakers starts with the bi-amped, full range P1500X (1,500-watts total) and the 2,000-watt P1800SX subwoofer. The P1500X is a two-way, full-range speaker that uses a 15-inch woofer and a high frequency compression driver with hemi-conical horn paired in a bass-reflex speaker cabinet. The cabinet is made from a tough, polymer material that has a rear-panel three-channel mixer with Neutrik Combo connectors for fast and universal and simple setups. I liked the onboard EQ, VEGA BASS boost and high-pass filters for on-site tuning as required.

The P1500X is useful as a single, standalone speaker for smaller venues (office A/V meetings etc.) or in pairs for larger spaces needing more coverage and volume level and projection. To project over and above the crowd, the P1500Xs have a two-position pole cup with an adjustable mounting point for upright pole mounting. The comfortable handles, built-in rigging points and remote volume port make the P1500X great for suspended installations or on stage front as wedge monitors.

The P1800SX subwoofer uses an 18-inch woofer powered by a custom 2,000-watt Class-D amp. Both the woofer and amplifier are enclosed in the same hardwood cabinet and this system also includes VEGA BASS boost, and a high-pass filter switch.

I saw and heard a pair of P1500X and P1800SX systems in action--stage left and right at a recent press event and they provided more than enough big sound for a four-piece Rock band. Each of the P1500s was pole-mounted on top of a single P1800SX and the two sets of speakers were easily daisy-chained together using rear-panel I/O connections.

The P-Series P-1500X sells for $1,199 MSRP and the P-1800SX sub us $1,499. Check

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