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Diablo FX Sound Control 6 Wireless Guitar FX Control Pedal

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Diablo FX Sound Control 6 Wireless Guitar FX Control Pedal Sound Control 6 is a high fidelity, versatile pedal management system allowing guitar players to turn on and off multiple analog or digital effects from a wireless multi-switch footswitch. Sound Control 6 is unique because of its wireless design; there are no cords or power strips. Multiple footswitches can located at different parts of the stage and control up to six pedals that are all located back safe and sound with your guitar amp.

Since your pedals all reside and are all wired together in the same case, setup/tear down time is fast and easier at the end of the gig. You can control and switch multiple pedals at the same time for more elaborate effect chains and know that any pedal not in the chain is hardwired bypassed. As a sonic plus, the number and length of interconnecting leads is reduced and you're not always connecting and reconnecting cords and pedals to get a certain sound.

Investigate Sound Control 6 if you're looking for a modern approach to a pedal board. It comes with a carrying case and the four-stomp button Diablo FX remote control unit and sells for $599 MSRP. Much more at:

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