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DPA d:facto II Vocal Mic

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DPA d:facto II Vocal Mic
DPA d:facto II Vocal Mic System shown above with head and adapter assembly

DPA Microphones d:facto II is a new line of their studio microphones repurposed as live sound microphones. The very first model is the d:facto II Vocal Microphone. Using studio microphones for live sound is not new. But expecting them to universally connect to live mixers, work well with 'iffy' phantom powering and interface wireless systems easily on-site is quite another thing. Furthermore, getting them to survive the environs of harsh live stages and still sound good is not easy either.

The d:facto II Vocal Mic uses an electret (pre-polarized) condenser capsule with a super cardioid polar pattern. Its natural sound comes from its on/off-axis linear frequency and phase response, and its extreme sound level handling capability--up to 160-dB SPL.

There is a three-stage wind/pop protection grid protecting the mic's capsule and handling noise is limited by a clever, system built within the mic's body.

The d:facto II Vocal Mic's head easily switches between either the wired DPA mic body and DPA's adapter assembly. The adapter kit makes it possible to use DPA's capsule with many other manufacturer's wireless transmitter bodies.

Currently DPA makes adapters for Shure, Sony, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, and Sennheiser wireless systems.

For more information on DPA's (Danish Professional Audio) d:facto II Vocal Mic, please visit

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