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On-Stage GTA6000 Tune-Up Back in the early 80's, one of On-Stage Gear's very first products was a compact, battery-powered stroboscopic tuner called Tune-Up. This year, On-Stage Gear just released a brand new multi-mode tuner called the GTA6000 TUNE-UP---the latest version to expand their lineup of On-Stage Gear tuners including the CTA7700 Clip-On Tuner, GTA7600 Chromatic Tuner, and the True Bypass Pedal Tuner.

The GTA6000 works like the chromatic CTA7700 tuner--it has a transducer built into a clamp that clips onto most instruments including electric/acoustic guitars, basses, horns, and woodwinds. Any pitched instrument whose body vibrates sympathetically can be tuned with the GTA6000.

The TUNE-UP's positive clamp has rubber contact points that will not mar instrument finishes.

Even clamped to a bass guitar's headstock far away (visually) from the player, the oversized, tri-color LCD screen makes the GTA6000 very easy to read.

But you'd have to be blind (at least color blind) to miss when the entire screen glows red when flat, green in tune, and yellow when sharp.

Of note: there is a single button for simple navigation through four operating modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele.

Priced at $21.99 MSRP and for more about the GTA6000 visit:

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