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Prism Sound Titan

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Prism Sound Titan

Prism Sound's new Titan multi-channel audio interface offers recording professionals the ultimate in quality analogue and digital I/O for Macs or PCs at sample rates up to 192kHz via an USB interface. Titan is the first Prism Sound device to feature the new MDIO miniature expansion card slot that can be used to expand Titan's connectivity, for example by adding a direct connection to Pro Tools|HDX 11 systems over an Avid DigiLink Mini cable.

All of Titan's functions, aside from the front panel monitor and headphone level controls, are controlled from the Titan Control Panel app which opens on-screen as a separate panel alongside the user's existing editing software.

Features and flexibility continue with Titan offering eight analog inputs, eight analog outputs plus S/PDIF and TOSLINK optical digital I/O ports. The optical ports can also be used for ADAT interfacing for a maximum capability of 18 concurrent input and output channels plus dual stereo headphones jacks.

For inputs, Titan comes with six, digitally controlled pre-amps: four for microphones and two for instruments. All outputs are derived in any combination of zero-latency mixes of input channels and DAW track feeds. Multiple headphone feeds plus stereo or 5.1/7.1 surround monitoring stems mixes can be all controlled by the front-panel rotary control if desired.

Prism Sound's Titan is scheduled to be available in January 2014. The optional PTHDX card comes later in the year followed by an AES card and possibly a Thunderbolt card although that has not yet been confirmed yet. For much more about the Prism Sound Titan, check:

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