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Sony Creative SpectraLayers Pro

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Sony Creative SpectraLayers Pro

SpectraLayers Pro™ is an audio editing software system that operates directly on the waveform spectra using a large palette of graphic/image-style editing tools such as is familiar to anyone who has used Adobe® Photoshop®. Separating components of a mixed stereo audio track (such as a finished music CD mix) into any number of separate layers for independent processing, mixing and then reintegration, it is possible to achieve results not previously possible with any DAW system.

SpectraLayers Pro displays recorded stereo audio files by representing them in three dimensions: time expiry horizontally on the X-axis, frequency range vertically on the Y-axis and level, relative to other frequencies occurring at the same time, is represented by brightness. Harmonic-rich and complex stereo music is easily seen as a vivid and colorful image instantly when you view these components at the same time.

Super precise audio restoration using SpectraLayers Pro editing allows the removal of unwanted noises and artifacts leaving the desired audio unaffected. You could separate music and dialogue (or vocal performances) into individual component layers and repurpose the dialog or use only the music. All manner of processing is possible such as performing pitch correction or remixing the levels of the separated layers is possible as if using Photoshop to adjust the opacity or color balance of various layers of a high resolution image collage.

SpectraLayers has many intelligent extraction tools to help you extract audio into layers by selecting an area, frequency range and/or by a user-defined harmonic series. The modification tools allow you to: amplify, clone or erase parts or all of edited sections of any layer including the original source layer. Furthermore, you can create new audio layers or redraw components of an already extracted layer.

SpectraLayers Pro is for audio restoration, mastering, remixing/sound design, analysis, and audio forensics tasks and is 32-bit 96kHz capable. In addition, it provides seamless file transfer to Sound Forge Pro and other audio editing programs such as Pro Tools.

For MAC and PCs, SpectraLayers Pro is $399; download it at

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