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Solid-State-Logic Stereo Bus Compressor 500 Series Format

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Solid-State-Logic Stereo Bus Compressor 500 Series Format The center section's program bus compressor from the 1980's Solid-State-Logic's G-Series analogue console is an audio production legend and a big part of the sound of those desks. The availability of the Stereo Bus Compressor in a two-slot module for the 500 Series of outboard racks makes this essential audio production tool available to users of the popular API 500 format modular rack platform.

Up until now, other than using the consoles themselves, the SSL console sound has only been available by way of the 12 different modules available in SSL's own modular X-Rack system. The release of the Stereo Bus Compressor 500 module along with last year's debut of the Solid-State-Logic 500 E-Series EQ and Dynamics modules means the classic SSL sound is now available to more users worldwide.

The SSL 500 Series Stereo Bus Compressor sells for $2,299 MSRP and for more about it, check: series modules/.

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