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Stanton SCS.4DJ Complete Digital DJ System

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Stanton SCS.4DJ Complete Digital DJ System Stanton's new version 4.0 of the SC-IX's operating system makes it a complete, standalone digital DJ system--no laptop required. This new update means DJs can simply plug in a storage device and start mixing using the built-in decks, mixer and high-resolution color display.

New features include: previewing a song directly from the song browser, add gain per channel and allow its value to be stored with each track plus now you can monitor VU level of the master outputs or decks A & B. The pitch stretching range option adds +/- 8% and +/- 15% to existing options and active playlists can be sorted by artist, BPM and time length.

Lastly, for better sync and solid looping of sections, you can do beat grid editing in real time with both tap tempo or just dial-in the new tempo that is "jamming" for you and your audience.

The new SC-IX Version 4.0 release and both Mac and PC versions of the QuickGrid high-speed analyzer are now available for download from the Stanton website. Check:

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