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Tascam TH-02 Headphones

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Tascam TH-02 Headphones The TH-02 headphones have a closed-back design and sell for $29.99 and, as they say: 'you have hear them to believe it'. I tried them out using my Aphex Systems Model 454 HeadPod studio headphone box. Since the HeadPod has four separate, identical amplifiers--one amp for each pair of headphones, I'm able to quickly compare four different sets of phones playing music from my Pro Tools 10 rig all at the same time.

I'm surprised how well the TH-02 holds up as compared to headphones I own costing up to three or four times as much. I get a good "look" at the mid-range frequency content in my mixes without the exaggerated bass boost that many other new headphones have.

One set (that cost at least three times as much) didn't feel as comfortable on my noggin' as the Tascam TH-02 headphones. I like the plush cushioned ear cuffs and padded headband. Both left and right ear-cuffs rotate 90-degrees for one-ear monitoring and make folding them up easy.

The Tascam TH-02 headphones come in your choice of black with silver logos or all white with red logos, cord and accents. Other features include: tightly-stitch headband, 3-meter cord with 1/8-inch mini plug and 1/4-inch adapter, and with power handling up to 600-mW.


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