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Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Pedal

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Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Pedal The Hot-Rod Plexi pedal from Tech 21 has all-analog SansAmp technology to provide two operating modes that'll change the personality of any guitar amp. In Stock mode, you have an emulated signal path from the input jack to the speaker jack (without the speaker emulation) of a stock '68 Plexi. Stomp on the Hot mode button and add the sound of an extra, 'virtual' 12AX7 tube in the pre-amp stage with its own level control. Hot mode adds up to 28dB of pre-amp boost--insane in the brain pre-amp gain.

Other tone carving tools are: the Tone control cuts the high end fizz without losing midrange cut and Drive works as an über gain and overdrive control--awesome! Thump adjusts the low end for the resonant frequency of a 4x12 cabinet. Other features include a high-impedance input, and a silent-switching, custom footswitch actuator.

The Hot-Rod Plexi pedal is available exclusively through Musician's Friend during its introductory launch. It sells for $215 MSRP.


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