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Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 from zplane

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Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 is zplane's updated version of their automatic harmony instrument. It runs in VST, AU or RTAS DAW hosts and produces up to four harmony notes from a single vocal or lead instrument (monophonic) track input. Like the earlier version 1, version 2 uses a kind of "fuzzy logic" to automatically synthesize the most fitting and natural harmonies predicated upon a scan of an audio file of the melody. The melody's implied scale, pitch and phrasing are all detected and considered in harmony synthesis.

You do not have to know music theory to use VK2--things like the root note or scale, voice leading and harmony progression. VK2 works even better than version 1.5 that I previously ran as an RTAS Instrument in Pro Tools. It has a completely redesigned intuitive interface plus VK2 LE does most everything the advanced VK2 does with the exception of multi-track output and advanced pitch, tremolo and vibrato editing.

I like the hybrid score viewing feature in VK2 and the easy way I can experiment with alternate scales, harmonies and also the responsiveness of its MIDI control.

Some of the coolest features you'll find within VK2 are: 2/3/4-voiced harmonization styles, audio and MIDI harmonization, detailed editing of pitch and timing, new vibrato/tremolo generator, and view note arrangements in either piano roll, arranger, and pseudo-score mode.

Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 from zplane sells for $149 and VK2 LE is $99 and both are available Native as a RTAS, AU or VST instrument plug-in. For more information about it and upgrade paths and demos, Check:

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