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XILS-lab LX122 Rotary Speaker Plug-in

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XILS-lab LX122 Rotary Speaker plug-in XILS-lab's LX122 and LX122 Premium rotary speaker emulation plug-ins both feature their True Stereo Dynamic Engine (TSDE) that contributes the effect of the room the speaker is heard and recorded in. Classic rotary speakers are well emulated in the LX122. Both the horns and the sound baffle for the rotating bass speaker are modeled to create Doppler-based vibrato, tremolo, and chorus effects perfectly. You can stop, switched between slow (chorale) and fast (tremolo), or transitioned between the two settings easily by using the MIDI-controllable (and programmable) Slow and Fast mode buttons.

Some other completely programmable features on LX122 are: the angle of the two 'recording' microphones anywhere within five different room models, internal cabinet modification, tube power amplifier emulation and overdrive, room choice, room size, horn diameter, speaker configuration, drum balance, rotational direction of the horns and more.

XILS-lab's LX122 and LX122 Premium Rotary Speaker plug-ins are infinitely malleable in so many ways--some possible only within virtual reality--so I would recommend starting with one of the factory presets to get close--then tweak away! The LX122 comes with 14 factory presets while LX122 Premium comes with 75. Audio examples at:

XILS-lab LX122 Rotary Speaker plug-ins run in both Mac and PC hosts and you can purchase and download them at:

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