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Yamaha 2nd Gen HS Series Powered Studio Monitors

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Yamaha 2nd Gen HS Series Powered Studio Monitors

Yamaha has their second-generation HS Series powered studio monitor and subwoofer series with a choice of three different woofer/cabinet sizes that all feature a new, larger 1-inch tweeter (previous models had 3/4-inch tweeters). With three sizes available, 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound monitoring systems are easily set up in any size rooms from small listening rooms, project studios up to large, pro editing/Foley/ADR suites.

Yamaha 2nd Gen HS Series Powered Studio MonitorsThe three full-range model sizes offered are the HS5 with 5-inch woofer, HS7 with 6.5-inch and the HS8 model with an 8-inch woofer. All three models are bi-amped and use bass reflex cabinets made of dense, resilient MDF for damped acoustic response. These cabinets use a new port design to reduce vortices, 'chuffing' and other unwanted (and audible) internal cabinet air vibrations up to 6dB.

All three models have level controls, three-position high trim (0, -2 and -4dB) attenuation and switchable Room Control switch (0, -2, -4dB) to compensate for exaggerated low frequencies when speakers are placed next to walls or in room corners.

The HS8S subwoofer has controls and switches for level, reversing phase, and separate adjustable low cut and high cut filters for dialing in the sub's output anywhere in the 80 to 120Hz range.

The HS5 sells for $250, the HS7 is $399, the HS8 sells for $499 and the HS8S 8-inch subwoofer goes for $599--all prices MSRP. For more information, check:

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