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AKG K812 Reference Headphones

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AKG K812 Reference Headphones The new K812 reference headphones are an open-back design with oversized 53-mm drivers and AKG claims they have the highest dynamic range ever for an AKG headphone. I think they are AKG's most handsome model ever just by looking at them.

Each K812 is built for comfort with a fast, adjustable headband and extremely soft ear pads to ensure comfort in any application. Although they cannot be folded up, AKG uses a cardan or universal joint system for the individual L/R earpieces so they freely adapt to your head and ear's shape. This is an advanced feature.

The two-layer, copper-covered aluminum voice coil and new magnet system measuring 1.5 tesla units extends the K812's operating range from 5Hz up to 54kHz--beyond the limits of human hearing. They are capable of handling about a 1/3-watt of power, have a sensitivity of 110 dB SPL/V, come with a detachable/replaceable cord with gold screw-on adapter, and weigh about 390 grams.

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