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API 565 Filterbank Module

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API 565 Filterbank The API 565 Filterbank module is a new 500-series module that fits the company's consoles, and API Lunchbox® as well as the API 1608 small-format analog console. The 565 has the same circuit as the 215 module found in API's large format consoles.

I found the 565 incredibly useful with its two overlapping and continuously adjustable low and high pass filters. The low-pass filter section ranges from 500Hz to 20kHz using either a -12 or -18dB (2nd or 3rd order) slope--it's switchable.

The high-pass filter sweeps from 20Hz to 400Hz also switchable between a smooth -6 or -12dB slope (1st and 2nd order). Both the high and low pass filters have separate bypass switches.

The variable notch filter's operation is divided into three ranges using a toggle switch (X1, X10, and X100) and ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. This semi-parametric notch filter is an extremely handy problem solver during both recording and mixing and it also has its own separate bypass toggle switch.

An awesome musical tool, the API 565 Filterbank module sells for $595 and for more information contact:

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