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Dangerous Music's Dangerous Source The Dangerous Source is a portable or desktop monitor controller for centralized control of speakers and headphones used in DAW music production. The 1U Source fits comfortably beneath a 13-inch laptop computer or on your desktop for easy control of volume, input selection, speaker switching for two-sets of speakers--including a way to add a sub woofer, and headphone level for two headphone outputs.

Itinerant laptop users will like the USB audio input that supports up to 24-bit/192kHz productions plus there are also two sets of analog input jacks: unbalanced -10dBv 1/8-inch mini stereo and a pair of balanced XLR/1/4-inch Combi jacks.

With all the essential tools collected together in one unit along with a set of short cables, I know songwriters, music mixers and DJs could travel gig to a gig and appreciate the fast, simple, and increased reliability of their whole rig when using the Dangerous Source.

The Dangerous Source sells for $899 MAP and there is an optional rack mount kit for permanent studio installations. Check:

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