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Eventide UltraReverb Plug-In

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Eventide UltraReverb Plug-In Eventide's UltraReverb™ plug-in features 9 Reverbs including Ambience, Rooms, Plates, Halls, Chambers derived from the H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer® but also adds compression (with side-chain input), four independent equalizer sections, Lo-fi bit-rate reduction, reverb modulation control and delay sections to make a very comprehensive reverb/ambience/special effect design system.

UltraReverb is compatible with AU, VST, or AAX64 for Mac or Windows and is packed with over 300 very useable presets to get you going!

I've been working on a Pop music mix project and I used UltraReverb to develop signature vocal and drum reverb sounds unique to this artist and project. I like that UltraReverb starts with such great sounding reverb algorithms, that tweaking them into perfection is easy. There are both presets labeled for both insert (Wet/Dry) and bus (Send/Return) usage and you can freely set and use separate EQs in four different positions in the processing chain. And without a doubt having a compressor available right in the chain is big plus for me nowadays.

UltraReverb sells for $199 (download) and for more information, check out:

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