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Eventide Mood Eventide's trial version of Mood is a plug-in that characterizes the emotional content of music. Mood analyzes music. It inspects the key, spectral content, tempo, dynamics and additional aspects to create a set of 'descriptors' that are then compared to a database of information collected from people listening to and rating pop songs.

Mood displays, in real time, the relative intensity of four emotions: angry, calm, happy and sad. The intensity of these emotions can be used as output as MIDI data and oscillator frequencies.This is useful for example to control the brightness and color of lights on a stage or in a dance club.

The Mood database is compiled by asking people to listen to songs that make them "feel" a certain way. The algorithm then analyzes these rated songs to determine those characteristics involved in eliciting specific emotions. This process creates the 'descriptors' that can then be used to analyze other songs.

Eventide believes that Mood is ready to be introduced and be further trained by a wider audience. Mood encourages interaction by all users with an included link that makes it easy to give Eventide feedback as to which songs fool Mood's algorithm. In this way, the database is fortified with more data for better accuracy and refined, future operation.

Mood is available for immediate download at no cost for a 90-day trial period.

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