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Fender Vaporizer Guitar Amp

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Fender Vaporizer Guitar Amp

The latest in Fender's Pawn Shop Special series is called the Vaporizer. It evokes the 1950/60s in the US, the space race and the atom-age world enthralled with spaceflight and spacecraft. In those days, bright colorful and flashy fanciful industry design was everywhere from TV and radio cabinets to cars and home appliances. The Vaporizer amp looks like it came out of time capsule from those nascent times with its retro/modern colors with whimsical cabinet designs.

It's available in Surf Green, Slate Blue, and (what else) Rocket Red.The Fender Vaporizer amps have 12 watts of all-tube output power (2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 x 6BQ5/EL84 power tubes) and two, 10-inch, 16-ohm Special Design Vaporizer speakers.

Additional features include a spring reverb circuit independent of amp volume control, which creates a full, wet reverb that can approximate the sound of playing in a tunnel of love. But step on the wedge footswitch and launch into "vaporizer mode" which bypasses the volume and tone controls for full turbo overload.

They sell for $549 MSRP and for more about them, try:

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