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Fishman Fluence Single Width Pickups

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Fishman Fluence Single Width Pickups Fishman now offers Fluence™ single width pickups (single coil size) with hum bucking versions coming soon. Fluence pickups combine Fluence Core printed "coils" with analog electronics. Each Fluence pickup features two selectable, complementary voices that deliver an "idealized" guitar sound--classic guitar pickup tone.

Unlike regular passive wire-wound coil pickups, Fluence pickups are not susceptible to spurious noise, hum, cable capacitance problems or coil inductance variations.

Fluence also eliminates the main reasons many players avoid going active--battery cost and implementation. When coupled with the Fluence rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, time between charges is weeks instead of hours. You can also plug in a standard USB charger or use a 9V battery to power Fluence pickups.

Available in black or white, Fishman's Single Widths range in price from $109.95 to $224.95 MAP. Check:

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