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PreSonus Capture and Capture Duo For iPad

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PreSonus Capture and Capture Duo PreSonus® has introduced a version of the software based on the live-recording software for their StudioLive mixers called Capture™ for iPad® and Capture Duo. These two new audio-recording apps for Apple iPad work identically with Capture for iPad able to record up to 32 tracks simultaneously, with up to 24-bit, 96 kHz fidelity. Downloadable for free from Apple App Store, Capture Duo lets you record and play two stereo tracks and has the same feature/editing set as Capture for iPad.

I downloaded Duo to my iPad 4 and the onscreen help got me recording and editing a new session in minutes. I spoke closely to the iPad's built-in mic and recorded a narration for video I wanted to show to my students. Using basic finger gestures for editing, Capture Duo let me name (and rename) and then cut, delete, duplicate, or split audio files at the cursor position.

Once I had my different takes roughly cut in Capture Duo, I transferred the files over my WIFI network to PreSonus Studio One® (Mac or PC), version 2.6.3 running on my studio's Mac. Recordings are saved in the compact Apple Lossless format to use less iPad memory and reduce transfer times. Transferring wirelessly is an awesome utility with the files showing up immediately in the same order and on the same track(s) I had recorded them--ready to be edited/processed further. You can also off-load files via a USB cable too.

Capture Duo allow me to record in stereo or mono and use/configure the built-in metronome, select sample rate, save multiple songs, and assign different inputs to each track if using a connected I/O box such as PreSonus' new AudioBox iTwo.

Capture requires a second-generation iPad or newer, iPad Air, or iPad Mini; iOS 7 or higher; and any iPad-compatible audio interface, including the built-in microphone as I used.

Capture for iPad is available from the Apple App Store for $9.99. Capture™ Duo is free from the Apple App Store. For more information please visit

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