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MoReVox/Overloud REmatrix Multi-Layer Convolver Reverb

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MoReVox/Overloud REmatrix REmatix is a reverb plug-in (32 or 64-bit and RTAS, AU, VST, AAX and standalone) that has five convolution reverbs with an included library of 250 IRs (impulse responses) plus 400 preset combinations arranged in banks that are categorized by application in music mixing. The five IRs are called: Hall, Room, Plate, Early, and Special and appear on separate faders in the plug-in's onboard mixer panel.

With REmatrix you have the ability to edit each of these IR reverbs with control over their EQ, reverb length, pre-delay, stereo width as well as panoramic positioning. Once a mix of the reverbs is realized in the mixer panel, it is routed to the master section for further processing by any or all six of that section's processor modules.

The modules can be individually bypassed and are chained in this sequence: Mod--for modulation (chorusing) is first and then passes its output signal to both Rev, an Overloud algorithmic stereo reverb and also Delay--a fully-programmable stereo delay line that is session subdivision tempo-aware.

The Mod, Rev and Delay signals then feed a three input mixer whose output passes to the Drive section--an analog-sounding coloring/overload processor, followed by the Comp section for increasing sustain (compression), and finally on to EQ, a fully-parametric, two-band equalizer section for output. REmatrix's mixer panel also has separate Dry and Wet faders for using the plug-in as a parallel (send/return) or as an inserted reverb.

I first tried it as an insert processor on a stereo drum bus. Preset bank Smash Rooms is designed for this exact purpose and I liked the Loudness Room preset (after some tweaking) for the drum sound in the choruses of a Pop track I was mixing. All parameters are automatable in REmatrix and you can store your own preset concoctions as well.

For Pop vocals, I wanted a bit of reverb but not too hearable as reverberation but more as a vibey loudness enhancer. In the Voices bank, the Medium Fat preset sounded awesome when I brought up the Early IR fader running the FastDone customization, played down the amount of both the Plate and Hall IRs in the mixer and compressed the entire reverb mix more in the Master section. This is a very modern vocal sound!

So I'm a reverb/sonic explorer every time I open MoReVox/Overloud REmatrix not only using it as a reverb but more as a creative sound design tool. It is a premier ambient processor with an excellent toolbox ready for you to create totally unique "reverbscapes" and insert effects. In both Pro Tools 10 running RTAS (32-bit) and Pro Tools 11 running AAX 64, I found it to be flawless in operation, use minimal DSP, and sound exactly as I want--great!

It sells for $327 MSRP as a download. Much more about it at:

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