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Sabian HHX Omni Cymbals

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Sabian HHX Omni Cymbals Jojo Mayer and Sabian have collaborated to produce the new HHX Omnis. They offer a contrast to the brighter AAX Omni cymbals. The new, dark HHX Omni cymbals provide a more nuanced tone on the ride surface. This means the stick sound stays a safe distance from the body and will not get lost no matter how loudly it's played.

When playing the shoulder, which is not only has a wonderful texture, you also excite more of the cymbal's body without activating the crash. These properties are unique to the HHX version, and are a direct result of the HHX hammering.

Both the 19 ($582 MSRP) and 22-inch ($731 MSRP) HHX Omni cymbals are made from B20 bronze, have a natural finish with jumbo hammering and are sculpted with medium centers and extra-thin edges. They come with a two-year warranty and for much more about them check:

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