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Solid State Logic XL Desk

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Solid State Logic XL Desk

SSL's XL Desk is an all-analog console that has 18 slots for 500 Series modules and eight VHD™ microphone pre-amps in the first eight channels. You get 40 inputs of SuperAnalogue™ summing (16 main faders + 16 Cue inputs + 4 Stereo channels) and SSL's Stereo bus compressor. There is no integrated DAW control and fader level automation. There are four stereo mix buses, a monitoring and talkback section (with an SSL Listen Mic Compressor) and all the professional connectivity and routing options one would expect from SSL.

Specifically designed for DAW-centric studios, the XL-Desk has 16 dual input mono channel strips switchable between main inputs or DAW returns, and also four stereo channels. There are four main Mix Buses (A, B, C, and D) with the option for buses B, C and D to be summed into Mix A.

The buses and channels each have a separate insert points for other processing and/or connection to patch bays---the rear of the XL Desk is covered with DB25 D-Subs! There is also a full-featured monitoring section with bass management and controllable Dim/Cut.

This big, big winner from SSL will sell for $19,999 and will star in many project/home studios very soon! Check:

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