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TC Electronic LM1n, LM2n, LM6n Loudness Plug-Ins

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-- TC Electronic LM1n, LM2n, LM6n Loudness Plug-Ins --
The LM1n, LM2n and LM6n are the three new loudness meter plug-ins for audio and video editing systems from TC Electronic. Available now in AAX (Pro Tools 10 and 11), VST and AU plug-in Native formats and requires an iLok2 account (free) for authorization--with or without the iLok2 dongle.

LN1 These meters comply with all major broadcast standards, including BS.1770, A/85, R128, TR-B32 and OP-59. The new LM1n is basic and has a minimal footprint that can be kept onscreen at all times--it does not have the Radar screen. Its GUI measures loudness in the same way as LM2n and LM6n but displays values in program loudness (L), Loudness Range (LRA), Max Momentary Loudness (M), Max Short Term Loudness (S) or Sliding Loudness (10 Sec) as well as True-Peak clipping instantly.

Both the LM2n and LM6n offer a lot of new features such as dedicated settings for Max Momentary (M) or Max Short Term (S) Loudness display. The two differences between LM2n and LM6n are: channel format compatibility and logging. LM2n measures any mono or stereo signal while LM6n supports mono, stereo and 5.1 surround. LM6n also features detailed logging for documenting delivery specs in accordance with major broadcast standards, which is key when producing content for broadcast.

Great for stereo music mixers like me, get the LM1n for $79. The LM2n is $149 and the LM6n is $449. Upgrades from the LM2, LM6 and LM5D are all available. Check:

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