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Yamaha Acoustic Conditioning Panels

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Yamaha Acoustic Conditioning Panels Yamaha's new Acoustic Conditioning Panels (ACP) are super-thin, low-cost acoustic treatment panels that you can add to any space--project studios, school classrooms, houses of worship, home theaters or professional recording studios and listening rooms.

These attractive, almost Zen-looking panels offer a built-in balance between the absorption and diffusion (scattering) of sound in any space. Rooms with excessive absorption sound dead and lifeless and conversely, rooms that are overly reflective and live sounding lessen intelligibility and un focus the sound image.

Acoustical architects strive for a certain balance of absorptive and reflective surfaces depending on the size of the space and its intended use--be it a studio, church, hall, home theater.

Measuring only three centimeters deep, the Acoustic Conditioning Panels are 'diffsorbers' a combination of an absorption and diffuser panel in one. Previously, 100-CM thick panels were needed to control bass up to 80 Hz. Yamaha Acoustic Conditioning Panels are easy to install anywhere using the included fittings, and greatly enhance sound clearness and balance in the range of 80 Hz to 4 kHz.

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