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A-Designs Audio KGB Instrument Preamplifiers

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A-Designs Audio KGB Instrument Preamplifiers
 A-Designs Audio KGB Instrument Preamplifiers 
The A-Designs Audio KGB-II and KGB-Itf are instrument preamplifiers that supply +4 dB line level balanced outputs. The KGB-II is a dual-mono (stereo) unit while the KGB-Itf is a single channel version with a useful three-band, high/mid/low, fixed frequency tone control with up to 12 dB of cut/boost.

The KGB Series uses discrete op-amps with Cinemag output transformers and both have 22-meg-Ohm input impedances so that they will not load down passive pickups and change the intrinsic sound of your instrument. I found them to work great with guitars, bass guitars, and also electronic keyboards.

The KGB-itf (pictured top), with its powerful tone stack, makes an awesome single-channel interface for guitar or bass.

The KGB-II (pictured bottom) is a matched dual-channel interface perfect for stereo keyboards, synthesizers or stereo guitar rigs for either live stages or in the studio.

The FOH engineer or recording engineer will love that both these units will directly drive any line level processor or DAW interface--there is no need to use any console channel strips if you prefer.

Both have front panel Switchcraft 1/4-inch Input and Thru jacks (to connect to stage/studio amps) plus rear-panel ground lifts, polarity/phase flip, and on/off power switches. They are both powered by included wall-wart power modules.

The A-Designs Audio KGB-II and KGB-Itf Instrument Preamplifiers sell for $745 each and for more information check:

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