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A-Designs REDDI v2 Dual Mono Tube Direct Box

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A-Designs REDDI v2 Dual Mono Tube Direct Box
 A-Designs REDDI v2 Dual Mono Tube Direct Box 

After the huge success of their single-channel, standalone REDDI Tube Direct Box, A-Designs now offers the dual-channel REDDI v2 model in a 2U rack mount cabinet. Exactly the same circuitry as the REDDI, the v2 model uses a single 6N1P dual triode tube for each channel along with a gigantic, custom-wound Cinemag output transformer.

Also inside the all-steel case is a toroidal transformer within a shielded and regulated AC power supply section and I saw that both tubes are solidly mounted in ceramic sockets. The front panel has a Switchcraft 1/4-inch Thru jack, gold-pinned Neutrik XLR output and Combo input jacks, and the rear panel has a fused IEC AC connector and ground lift switch.

I tried my Fender Strat and found the REDDI v2 to have the same great sound as the original REDDI unit. The unit's 1 meg-Ohm input impedance does not change the sound of my guitar by loading down its delicate passive pickups.

I like that now, with REDDI in my rack, it is easier than ever to hook up and use. Icing on the cake are its two channel capabilities making it the perfect direct box for synths and electronic keyboards coming into my studio.

Great for studio, live sound work or a recording musician to own, the A-Designs REDDI v Dual Mono Tube Direct Box sells for $1,999 MAP and for more information, check out:

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