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Auralex Deep6 Low Frequency Absorber

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Auralex Deep6 Low Frequency Absorber
 Auralex's Deep6 
Auralex's new Deep6™ Low-Frequency Absorber measures 2' x 4' x 6" and has a powder-coated, black steel frame. Being enclosed in a rigid frame, this low frequency absorption device is specifically designed for installation flat on walls and ceilings or it can straddle any available vertical corner.

The goal with all acoustic absorption panels is to improve the frequency response throughout the room and especially at the mix/listening position. In small rooms, most of the problems are in the low frequencies heard as huge peaks and dips in the bass at different locations in the room. Installing a few Deep6 panels with their six-inch depth will greatly flatten out--reduce those peaks and dips.

Deep6's solidly constructed acoustical treatment is the perfect choice for rooms where conventional corner-fitted bass traps are not possible due to doors or windows. The Deep6 is Class-A fire rated for commercial and residential applications and provides usable broadband control down to 40 Hz.

Available in Sandstone and Obsidian fabric colors, each Deep6 comes fully assembled and ready to install with included wall mounting brackets. Additional corner mounting brackets are available. The Auralex Deep6 Low Frequency Absorber sells for $549 MAP. For more information, check

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