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Auralex Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors

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Auralex Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors
 Auralex Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors 
The v2 models are the enhanced versions of Sustain™ bamboo sound diffusors. Also spelled 'diffuser', diffusors in contrast to absorption panels, eliminate flutter echoes by evenly dispersing acoustical energy throughout a space. A proper blend of absorption and diffusion in a project or home studio space will provide a truer and acoustically balanced environment contributing to a better final sonic result when recording and mixing music.

Diffusor models in the Sustain line include (pictured) from left to right are: Sustain WaveLens™ the Sustain WavePrism™ Sustain QuadraTec™, Sustain Pyramid™ and the new Sustain Metro™ Bamboo--a skyscraper style diffusor.

These handmade, environmentally friendly bamboo sound diffusors feature sharper angles with an updated construction that enhances diffusion performance. With these v2 models now you have a good selection to choose from depending on your studio's needs and your particular aesthetics or your room's décor.

Auralex Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors
 Sustain v2 Bamboo Metro Diffusors On Back Wall 
Being made from bamboo, this sustainably grown and harvested tree is slightly lighter weight yet hard enough to make a great diffusive surface. Auralex also offers optional absorptive material such as mineral fiber or Studiofoam™ that would be placed between the wall surface and the back of these diffusors. This is a great way to get a little more absorption into your space with every one of these diffusion panels you install.

I, with the help of one of my students, installed four of the Sustain Metros on the back wall of my Tones 4 $ Studios. They ship in pairs and it was not a too difficult installation process as the four anchors and screws (two for each diffusor) are also supplied. The instructions are clear as to where and what spacing to drill holes in your walls--so that the anchor/screws in the wall line up and go into the back of the pre-drilled holes of the Metros.

It is important to rotate the Metros to further randomize the pattern of protruding bamboo blocks. Once locked in, the Metros are securely on the wall but removable when it comes time to paint the wall or to relocate these cool-looking diffusors!

Know that the Sustain Pyramids and Quadratecs install differently on walls--the screws go through the bamboo into the anchors on the wall. The Pyramids, Quadratec and WaveLens also are designed to fit into drop-ceiling grids--making that the easiest of installations!

The new Sustain Diffusors come in 23 x 23-inch squares with varying depth depending on the model. They are for mounting on walls, ceilings and there are optional drop grid mounting brackets for spacing them off the wall boundary. Check out: for prices and options to suit your own project studio design!

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