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Dean Zelinsky Guitars' LaVoce

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 Dean Zelinsky Guitars' LaVoce 
Dean Zelinsky's latest is the LaVoce and it solves a common issue for the gigging musician: carrying multiple guitars to handle hum bucking tones, single-coil sounds, and acoustic songs.

The LaVoce has a 5-pickup system based around SideKick pickup technology that puts a true single-coil and humbucker in the same space. The high fidelity piezoelectric bridge pickup completes Dean's "Working Musician" concept with acoustic sounds for live stage.

The LaVoce is ultra-thin, lightweight (7-pounds)--the edge thickness of the custom carved, maple-topped mahogany body is 1/2-inch. The LaVoce includes Zelinsky's patented Z-Glide™ Reduced Friction Neck, making this sonic gem truly effortless to play.

The LaVoce start at $787 and are sold only on-line. For more about it, check:

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