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EastWest ProDrummer Volumes 1 & 2

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EastWest has released ProDrummer™ Volumes 1 & 2. These are brand-new additions to EastWest's new subscription service called the Composer Cloud. Composer Cloud provides access to over 9,000 different instruments that run on EW's Play engine either standalone or as a plug-in in your DAW (AAX64, VST2/3, AU).

The starting level $29.99 per month subscription provides access to seven collections, with a choice to add a new free collection every three months. The $49.99 Composer Cloud Complete plan offers all 50 EastWest collections instantly, plus new releases and exclusive content. Current EW customers can get this plan for 40% off for the first year. There are also student and monthly plans available.

ProDrummer Vols. 1 & 2 are drum virtual instruments that contain everything you need to create realistic (or hyper-realistic) drum tracks. You can buy them outright for $199 MSRP each or you can use a Composer Cloud subscription to download them. These are recorded drum sounds that come up in a 16-channel mixer with drum kit collections produced and mixed by top recording and mix engineers. The drums performances are by top drummers and include MIDI drum grooves.

So I downloaded both Vol. 1 and 2 to my sample drive. These are huge downloads--adding up to around 100GB total for both. I first tried Vol. 2--Joe Chiccarelli's collection with Matt Chamberlain playing. I was impressed by the immediate, overall polished and produced sound of the kit, the proper drum tuning and the way the mics (tracks) were allocated across PD's onboard mixer.

Vol. 1 by Mark 'Spike' Stent is about 60 GB and he tends towards more quirky and unusual sounds via the recorded samples and the PD's onboard processing. Great to have both volumes; drum mixes can be used as they are or as starting points to customize to the users' needs and taste.

There are powerful tools built into the mixer I'm know from using them in my Pro Tools sessions. There are Solid State Logic's EQ and Dynamics, Transient Shaper, and Stereo Bus Compressor modules. For twisting the sound, I used an included old favorite, Ohmforce's Ohmicide multiband dynamics and distortion effects processor. The mixer also includes EastWest's Velocity Processor, Amp Simulator with 80 presets, plus an expanded convolution reverb with 726 pre-sets. All parameters in ProDrummer are user adjustable and can be saved as custom user pre-sets.

ProDrummer also includes over 14,000 MIDI drum grooves in many different styles--making it easy to build a drum track for any song. The Groove Search Engine allows fast location of just the right groove; creating favorites, and assembling the ultimate drum track right inside ProDrummer's built in sequencer ready to be exported into any DAW.

ProDrummer™ Volumes 1 & 2 sells individually for $199 at and €179 each at

They are just two of the 50 products now all available in the Everything Plan in the EastWest Composer Cloud, starting at $29.99/month for over 9,000 virtual instruments worth over $11,000.

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