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Eisenberg Audio VIER Software Synth

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Eisenberg Audio VIER Software Synth
-- Eisenberg Audio VIER Software Synth---- 
German audio software developer Eisenberg Audio has released VIER. It emulates the Doepfer MS-404, a famous monophonic analogue synthesizer from the 1990s. VIER combines four independent rack modules into one interface with each module color-coded and named: Eins, Zwei, Drei, and Vier--1,2,3,4. VIER uses anti-aliasing oscillators capable of audio range modulation plus zero-delay feedback filters best known from synthesizers of the day like LuSH, Monark or Diva. This is a very vintage sounding synth with all the flexible programmability required with synths from those times.

VIER modernizes with features expected with today's virtual synths like parameter linking, cross modulation and intelligent voice management for assigning notes of chord (for example) to four different modules for unlimited polyphony. When played, the keyboard keys in the GUI also light up to match the particular voice(s) color used at any moment! This is a great feature when programming special effect patches.

I liked the variety of factory presets I used as starting settings--these may be loaded, adjusted, saved, or marked as a favorite. You can create, save and load your own presets--very handy with all the great sounds you can get so easily with VIER!

VIER runs stand-alone on Windows and Mac OS X or as plug-in virtual instrument in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX hosts where I've been playing it within Pro Tools 11 HD. VIER responds naturally to keyboard input and parameter changes just as a good hardware synthesizers should--except it is on my computer screen!

It sells for $99 as a download from:

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