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Fishman Fluence Modern 8-String Humbucker

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Fishman Fluence Modern 8-String Humbucker
 Fishman Fluence Modern 8-String Humbucker 
Originally available only in a 6-string version, requests quickly came in for 7-string and then 8-string models. This was due to the Fluence pickup's ability to maintain its original sound irrespective of coil size.

Like all Fluence pickups, the new Modern Humbucker 8-String pickups have two voices. The Alnico version offers a full, round and boosted sound with good articulation and dynamics in Voice 1, and then a crisp, clean and fluid tone while in Voice 2. This combination makes the Modern Humbucker 8-String Alnico perfect for the bridge position.

Voice 1 of the Ceramic 8-string model delivers the ideal active tone--crisp, searing, big yet tight. The modern passive attack of Voice 2 provides organic and high output for exceptional distortion. This model is ideal for the neck position.

The Fluence Modern HB 8-String Black Plastic with an Alnico magnet poles and covered is $181.75 MSRP while the 8-String Ceramic is $181.75 MSRP. You can buy both together as an 8-String set at $324.61 MSRP. For more about them, check:

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