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Handbook for Sound Engineers 5th Edition from Focal Press

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Handbook for Sound Engineers 5th Edition from Focal Press
 Handbook for Sound Engineers 5th Edition from Focal Press 
Glen Ballou edits, appends and updates the fifth edition of Handbook for Sound Engineers to re-confirm that it remains the most comprehensive reference available for serious audio engineers or anyone who works in audio. This edition has become (for me) my "go to" primary reference when preparing to teach any of my audio engineering classes.

With contributions from many of the top professionals and educators in the field, the fifth edition is now divided into eight parts including an Introduction to Sound and Acoustics that includes Ken Pohlmann's Subjective Methods for Evaluating Sound Quality and S. Benjamin Kanters's Hearing Physiology--Disorders--Conservation. Glen Ballou contributes new chapters on interpretation systems, intercoms, assistive listening, and fundamentals and units of measurement.

Also newly added are Steve Barbar's Surround Sound for Cinema and Doug Jones's Worship Styles in the Christian Church.

Familiar, stalwart contributors include: Modern Recording Techniques author David Miles Huber sounds off on MIDI; Bill Whitlock goes through audio transformers and preamplifiers; Steve Dove explains consoles, DAWs, and computers; Pat Brown on fundamentals, gain structures, and test and measurement; Ray Rayburn on virtual systems, digital interfacing, and preamplifiers, Ken Pohlmann teaches about compact discs; and Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert on computer-aided sound system design and room-acoustical fundamentals for auditoriums and concert halls.

Updated/re-written are Ron Baker and Jack Wrightson's Stadiums and Outdoor Venues, Pat Brown's Sound System Design, Bob Cordell's Amplifier Design, Hardy Martin's Voice Evacuation/Mass Notification Systems, and Tom Danley and Doug Jones's Loudspeakers.

Handbook for Sound Engineers 5th Edition edited by Glen Ballou is from Focal Press and sells for $160. Check:

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Part 1--Introduction to Acoustics

Chapter 1--Audio and Acoustic DNA--Past and Present
Don and Carolyn Davis

Chapter 2--Subjective Methods for Evaluating Sound Quality
Ken Pohlmann

Chapter 3--Psychoacoustics
Peter Xinya Zhang

Chapter 4--Hearing Physiology--Disorders--Conservation
S. Benjamin Kanters

Chapter 5--Fundamentals of Audio and Acoustics
Pat Brown

Part 2--Acoustics

Chapter 6--Small Room Acoustics
Doug Jones

Chapter 7--Acoustical Noise Control
Doug Jones

Chapter 8--Acoustical Treatment for Indoor Areas
Jeff Szymanski

Chapter 9--Room-acoustical Fundamentals for Auditoriums and Concert Halls
Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert and Hans-Peter Tennhardt

Chapter 10--Worship Styles in the Christian Church
Doug Jones

Chapter 11--Stadiums and Outdoor Venues
Ron Baker and Jack Wrightson

Chapter 12--Surround Sound for Cinema
Steve Barbar

Chapter 13--Acoustical Modeling and Auralization
Dominique J. Chéenne

Part 3--Electronic Components

Chapter 14--Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors
Glen Ballou

Chapter 15--Audio Transformers
Bill Whitlock

Chapter 16--Tubes, Discrete Solid State Devices, and Integrated Circuits
Glen Ballou, Leslie B. Tyler, and Wayne Kirkwood

Chapter 17--Heatsinks and Relays
Glen Ballou and Henry Villaume

Chapter 18--Transmission Techniques: Wire and Cable
Steve Lampen and Glen Ballou

Chapter 19--Transmission Techniques: Fiber Optics
Ron Ajemian

Part 4--Electroacoustic Devices

Chapter 20--Microphones
Glen Ballou and Joe Ciaudelli

Chapter 21--Loudspeakers
Tom Danley and Doug Jones

Chapter 22--Loudspeaker Cluster Design
Ralph Heinz
Part 5--Electronic Audio Circuits and Equipment

Chapter 23--Power Supplies
Glen Ballou

Chapter 24--Amplifier Design
Bob Cordell

Chapter 25--Preamplifiers and Mixers
Ray Rayburn and Bill Whitlock

Chapter 26--Attenuators
Glen Ballou

Chapter 27--Filters and Equalizers
Steve McManus

Chapter 28--Delay
Steve McManus

Chapter 29--Consoles, DAWs, and Computers
Steve Dove

Chapter 30--Audio Meters and Devices Glen Ballou

Part 6--Recording and Playback

Chapter 31--Analog Disc Playback
George Alexandrovich and Glen Ballou

Chapter 32--Magnetic Recording and Playback
Doug Jones

Chapter 33--MIDI
David Mules Huber

Chapter 34--Optical Disc Formats for Audio Reproduction and Recording
Ken Pohlmann

Part 7--Design Applications

Chapter 35--DSP Technology
Dr. Craig Richardson

Chapter 36--Grounding and Interfacing
Bill Whitlock

Chapter 37--System Gain Structure
Pat Brown

Chapter 38--Sound System Design
Pat Brown

Chapter 39--Computer Aided Sound System Design
Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert and Stefan Feistel

Chapter 40--Designing for Speech Intelligibility
Peter Mapp

Chapter 41--Virtual Systems
Ray Rayburn

Chapter 42--Digital Audio Interfacing and Networking
Ray Rayburn

Chapter 43--Personal Monitor Systems
Gino Sigismondi

Chapter 44--Message Repeaters, Museum and Tour Group Systems, Voice Evacuation/Mass Notification Systems
Glen Ballou and Hardy Martin

Chapter 45--Interpretation Systems
Glen Ballou

Chapter 46--Assistive Listening Systems
Glen Ballou

Chapter 47--Intercoms
Glen Ballou

Chapter 48--The Fundamentals of Display Technologies
Alan C. Brawn

Part 8--Measurements

Chapter 49--Test and Measurement
Pat Brown

Chapter 50--Fundamental and Units of Measurement
Glen Ballou

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