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Sheptone 6T8 Humbucker Set

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Sheptone 6T8 Humbucker Set
 Sheptone 6T8 Humbucker Set 
The Sheptone 6T8 humbucker set is designed for hollow or semi-hollow body guitars. The set provides a clear but slightly grittier T-Top tone or a livelier tone when installed in solid body guitars.

The 6T8 set uses a long rough cast Alnico 5 magnet and winds #42 poly wire on butyrate bobbins. The neck pickup averages 7.4k-ohms DC resistance while the bridge pickup averages 7.8k-ohms.

Sheptone's Jeff Shepherd says his pickups are "transparent and allow the primary tones of the wood to come through." Customers include well-respected musicians such as: Keith Scott (Bryan Adams), Danny Kortchmar, John Norum, Al Di Meola, Brian Kahanek, Shawn Tubbs (Carrie Underwood), and Keith Nelson (Buckcherry).

The 6T8 sets sell for $199 and for more about them, check

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