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Softube Console 1 XL9000K Update

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Softube Console 1 XL9000K Update
-- Softube Console 1 XL9000K Update---- 
Softube updates their Console 1 hardware controller/software plug-in system with the availability of the Solid State Logic XL 9000 K channel strip. Console 1 comes with the SSL SL4000 E channel strip and users can now download and add the XL 9000 K channel strip to their collection--a collection that promises to grow as Softube starts planning to offer other channel strips from classic analog consoles. Besides numerous small tweaks for smoother operation, also included in this update (ver 2.1.59) is compatibility with MAC OSX 10.10 Yosemite for all Softube plug-ins.

You might know that version 2.2.31 added automatic track naming for Pro Tools hosts. This means that whatever the name of the particular track you've inserted the Console 1 plug-in, its name will show up in the large Console 1 GUI. As you add instances of Console 1 across your DAW mixer, they are automatically numbered in sequence for selection from the controller's bank of 20 multi-layered pushbuttons.

Console 1's SSL XL 9000 K channel strip offers the clean and forward sound of this famous console as an alternative to the grittier-sounding SL 4000 E console. Obtaining the best of both SSL channel strips, you may freely substitute the XL's EQ section, its fully controllable gate, and its compressor (switchable between peak or RMS modes) into those sections of the SL 4000 E strip. Or vice-versus: substitute the 4000 E sections into the 9000 K channel strip.

I found the Shape section of the XL 9000 K for Console 1 more controllable as a gate than the 4000 E's Shape section. The 4000E's Punch becomes a Range control while Sustain becomes the Hold time control. Gating drum tracks and noisy guitar amps is easier to do with the 9K's Shape section. I tried using the 9000K Gate after the 4000 E channel strip's Shape section--both inserted on a stereo guitar track. I got the transient shaping qualities of the 4000 E and the 9000 K gate at the same time.

Console 1's XL 9000 K channel strip also includes a model of Solid State Logic's VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) circuit, a popular part of the SSL Duality series consoles and also the Alpha channel pre-amps. Actually part of the microphone pre-amp section of the original console, Console 1 uses its Drive control to change the amount of VHD distortion and its Character knob as a blend control (like on the actual console) for mixing the 'color' of the distortion anywhere between 2nd harmonic, like tube gear, to 3rd harmonic--more like transistorized gear.

If you own other Softube plug-ins, in most cases you can substitute them into sections of Console 1. For vocals, I like to replace the 4000 E's compressor section with the Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B. Guitar tracks make great use of the Softube's FET Compressor that can sound like a high-fidelity version of an UA 1176 LN. Finally, subbing in the Valley People Dyna-mite in the Shape section makes for a great hard gate.

Softube's Console 1 update is free for all users and the Solid State Logic XL 9000 K channel strip upgrade is $219 MSRP with a 20-day demo license available. Check for dealers at: and for more information go to:

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