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Solid State Logic Duende AAX Native 64 Plug-Ins

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Solid State Logic Duende AAX Native 64

SSL has ported all their Duende Native plug-ins in full 64-bit AAX for Pro Tools 11 DAWs. This makes SSL's Duende Native plug-ins compatible with any 32-bit or 64-bit system running Pro Tools®/Pro Tools HD® 11 software. Plus users of other VST, AU and RTAS-based DAW systems will now have complete compatibility.

The Duende Native range has grown to the current portfolio of 10 different processing tools. My favorites that I used in every mix are: the EQ & Dynamics Channel with the signature tone of a SSL 9K and later SSL console channel strips and also the Stereo Bus Compressor--the classic SSL stereo master bus compressor.

For very specialize processing chores my "go-to" plugs are the Drumstrip and Vocalstrip and then for very precise carving, I like the X-EQ and X-Comp plug-ins. X-Verb is an solid reverb and X-Valvecomp and X-Saturator are 'analog sounding coloring crayons' you can used to fill out the sound of your digital mixes. Lastly, X-Phase is a 'phase surgeon' that uses a frequency-specific phase control toolkit to correct quirky phase/polarity issues that crop up in modern music productions.

The new versions are available to download from the SSL web site and are free to all existing owners. Check out:

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