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Stanton T.92 USB and T.55 USB Professional Turntables

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Stanton T.92 USB and T.55 USB Professional Turntable
-- Stanton T.92 USB and T.55 USB Professional Turntable---- 
The Stanton T.92 and T.55 turntables have solid bases, beefy construction with stable platters to minimize acoustical feedback. Both use precision tone arms for tracking any vinyl record using Stanton's 300 Series cartridge.

I'm attracted to the direct-drive Stanton T.92 USB (pictured) and the belt-driven T.55 USB professional turntables because they use conventional analog RCA output jacks and both offer USB connectivity utilizing their built-in A/D converters to digitize records for personal use MP3s. Both come with iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner software--these are all the tools needed for complete audio cleanup using many advanced noise-reduction tools. The software operates with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

The T.92 sells for about $299 MAP while the T.55 sells for $199 MAP. Both decks have +/- 12% pitch control and come with a slip mat.

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