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TC Electronic LC2n and LC6n Loudness Measurement And Normalization Software

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TC Electronic LC2n Loudness Measurement And Normalization Software
-- TC Electronic LC2n Loudness Measurement And Normalization Software 
TC's LC2n for stereo program audio and LC6n for 5.1 surround audio are loudness measurement and normalization processors (ver 1.1 tested here). It's available for MACS and PCs and in either plug-in format for Pro Tools (Audio Suite--faster-than-real-time using two processing passes) or as standalone off-line processor that includes a "watch folder" batch-processing mode. TC's LCn software makes hitting the right loudness target for audio deliverables to HDTV, Mobile TV, podcast, radio, iTunes, YouTube, or Spotify super-easy. Program Loudness is used as a production guideline and to set loudness metadata in delivery if so required.

In Pro Tools 12, I had a dual-mono file of a recent mix so first I duplicated the playlist of the mix and then opened LC2n in the Sound Field folder of Audio Suite. I would select a Preset based upon what target LUFS level (Loudness Units Full Scale) program loudness as specified by the delivery requirements. Film, TV, Broadcast, iTunes, Mobile, even CD mastering all specify certain LUFS or LKFS (Loudness K-weighted Full Scale). For example, CD mastering it is -15.0 LKFS but iTunes Radio is -16.0 LKFS whereas EBU R128 Normal is -23.0 LUFS and is the standard loudness level for European broadcast audio.

I was sending this music to iTunes and wanted to not chance what iTunes Radio would do to my file so I used the iTunes preset and LC2n automatically does "what it needs to do" to conform my mix loudness/level accordingly. First I clicked on the Analyze button in the LC2n GUI (that took about 20 seconds to analyze) and then I clicked on Render for another short 20 second wait. Since I had play-listed the mix I could quickly A-B the change in level from the original to the loudness adjusted rendered copy. Both sets of audio files are kept in the Pro Tools audio bin folder.

The twin Radar Meters on the LC2n GUI labeled Source and Process were nearly the same--my original file was at -15.1 LKFS while the process file became -16 LKFS--only about 1 dB lower which is negligible. And in this case the processing was not hearable at all. It was rewarding me for my conservative use of master bus compression/limiting and not going for super hot final levels.

So I am using LC2n all the time to check on my loudness levels so that I can mix closely to a desired target levels. At the end of the day, I am producing finished product immediately ready and without further processing for broadcast, film, CD, Euro broadcast or iTunes delivery.

LC2n sells for $299 and LC6n sells for $699 both have 14-day trials available. Get much more about this nascent technology and its importance at:

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