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Tech 21 RK5 Signature Fly Rig

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Tech 21 RK5 Signature Fly Rig
-- Tech 21 RK5 Signature Fly Rig---- 

After a year on tour, Richie Kotzen has finalized the prototype of his RK5 Signature Fly Rig pedal and now it is shipping.

What distinguishes the RK5 from the Fly Rig 5 is Richie's Signature OMG Overdrive section. The OMG is all Class-A style distortion with a tight, snappy response; it includes Level, Tone and Drive controls. Richie uses his RK5 in conjunction with his standard amp backline but know that this compact unit will function as an entire rig on its own with all the features of the Fly Rig 5.

At its core is the all-analog SansAmp™ with a three-band active EQ so you're ready to go direct in the studio or patch into the FOH's mixer if need be. Effects include a rich-sounding vintage spring reverb ambience based upon the Boost RVB pedal. There is the DLA delay that's based on the Boost DLA pedal with tap-tempo and a fully adjustable tape drift--style modulation. The RK5 Signature Fly provides a power boost of up to 21dB of pre-amp gain.

The Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig has an all-metal case, metal footswitches and jacks and is strikingly sexy with its red-anodized finish. It measures less than 12-inches wide, weighs less than 19-oz and is powered by a worldwide 12-volt supply. It easily fits in your travel luggage and sells for $269 MAP.

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