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TRX DRK Series Cymbals

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TRX DRK Series Cymbals
-- TRX DRK Series Cymbals 
The TRX Cymbal Company introduces the new DRK Series cymbals based on one of the company's original and most popular cymbals. These are classic, low profile B20 bronze cymbals that don't sacrifice the power and projection required by drummers for contemporary music styles. You get the warm, vintage sound along with a bit more brightness and clarity than other traditional cymbals.

Priced the same as current TRX series, models and sizes, the DRK Series is available in: 18 to 23-inch crash-rides; 13, 14, 15-inch hats; 18, 20, 22-inch Chinas; and 16, 18, 20-inch Thunder (vented) Crashes. The new DRK crash-rides and Chinas also come standard with a series of 9 pre-drilled holes that accommodate TRX's removable rivets (sold separately).

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