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Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Packs

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Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Packs
 Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Packs 
The DTX502 Hybrid Packs are for drummers who are looking to combine acoustic and electronic elements into one kit that plays well, programs sounds easily, and sets up easily. These Hybrid Packs simplify the process and include all necessary cables and hardware to start sounding great right out of the box--for live situations, just add amplification, which is sold separately.

To start from scratch, you could get the DTX502, a five-piece Stage Custom Birch acoustic drum set with Yamaha 700 Series hardware, a DTX502 sound module, two acoustic drum triggers and two electronic drum pads: the TP70 (7-inch single zone) and the XP80 (8-inch 3-zone). It also includes trigger cables and all mounting clamps ready to attach to the kit.

If you already own a kit, there are three other DTX electronic systems packs that are expandable to add up to 12 pads. All of the packs include a DTX502 module, two acoustic drum triggers, and all the cables and mounting hardware. The HP570 comes with one TP70 single-zone pad; the HP580 includes one XP80 3-zone DTX-PAD; the HP587 features both TP70 and XP80 pads.

The DTX502 Hybrid Pack with acoustic drum set is $2,600; DTXHP570 $660; DTXHP580 $990; and the DTXHP587 is $1,150. (All MSRP prices). For more, check:

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