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Acoustic Class-D/Neo Series

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Acoustic Class-D/Neo Series
  Acoustic B1000HD Stack
Acoustic® Amplifiers' new Class-D/Neo Series bass amps, cabinets, and combo amps are 40 percent lighter than previous models but without compromising tone, thanks to compact, yet powerful Class-D amplifiers coupled with lighter and more powerful neodymium magnets for the loudspeakers. The series includes three amp heads, four speaker cabinets, and three combo amps.

All Class-D Series bass amplifier heads feature a foot switchable, overdrive circuit with the ability to blend between clean and overdriven tones; Acousti-Comp™ compression; a notch filter with frequency control; an effects loop; a full-featured direct out with ground lift and level control (XLR balanced for live and studio use); 1/4-inch and locking-barrel speaker outputs; super Hi and Lo EQ boost; a 1/8-inch headphone jack; and an 1/8-inch aux input.

Acoustic Class-D/Neo Series
  Acoustic Class-D/Neo Series Family Of Heads, Cabs, and Combos
All Class-D/Neo Series bass combos have the same features as the heads with the BN3112 sporting a rear-facing port and 5-band rotary EQ. The BN3115 combo has a front-facing shelf port and 5-band rotary EQ and the BN6210 adds a 6-band, edge-lit graphic EQ.

Pictured is the impressive Acoustic B1000HD bass head on top of 410 and 115 cabs. The B1000HD weighs just 8.2-pounds and pushes 1,000-watts and features an 8-band, edge-lit graphic EQ.

Ideal for rehearsal, practice and most club stages, the B300HD head features 5-band rotary EQ, 300-watts and weighs only 6.6 pounds--it'll fit into most gig-bags.

Or go with Acoustic's new go-to traveling bass amp head, the 7.2-pound B600HD. It also has a 6-band edge-lit graphic EQ and delivers 600-watts of Class-D power.

Acoustic Class-D/Neo Series bass amps, cabinets, and combos range in price from: amp heads $349.99 to $699.99; cabinets $399.99 to $699.99; and combo amps $499.99 to $749.99. For more information about Acoustic Amplifiers, visit

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