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Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2

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Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2
 Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2
Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2
 Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2--Just Some Of The Colors
Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2
 Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2 Mounted On The Left and Right Side Walls
Acoustic Geometry's Curve Diffusor V2 uses a convex shape to provide time-coherent, 1D diffusion for low midrange to very high frequencies. Diffusion, the opposite of focusing, is the spreading out of sound to avoid hard, noticeable reflections and "flutter echoes" from walls, ceilings and floors. The right balance of diffusive surfaces in your room will sound like the room is larger and more open feeling.

The Curve Diffusor V2's cylindrical design has a constant and even radius that reflects sound out into the listening or home studio space in a consistent and predictable way.

In addition, the Curve Diffusor has a unique built-in low-frequency absorber system that uses a mass-loaded vinyl membrane on the back of the panel. This pliable membrane works in conjunction with internal absorptive material to absorb low frequencies.

When placed near room boundaries--walls, ceilings, and especially in corners, Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2 panels will control and lessen the effects of "room modes of vibration" at frequencies down to 45Hz. Modal frequencies are determined by the room's physical dimensions--the length, width, and height. Room modes produce peaks and dips at certain frequencies and at different locations in the room.

Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2
 A Curve Diffusor V2 Placed In A Corner
Curve Diffusors may be placed in locations using a variety of configurations. They can be mounted vertically and horizontally on a wall, ceiling-mounted, corner-mounted using the optional Corner Trap Stand or free-standing anywhere in a room using the Combo Stand. The movable stands are perfect for "dialing in" and achieving quickly the optimal placement for improving the sound in any space.

At my Tones 4 $ Studios, I tried the Curve Diffusors V2 on both left and right side walls at the 1st reflection points on either side of the listening position and also straddling the left and right front corners of my mix room. They can also be mounted flush on the ceiling for both wide area diffusion as well as low-frequency absorption.

I found the two Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusors sent for review to be beautifully well-made and attractive--mine have a slate gray texture and mount easily with the include Z-Clip system.

These are a definitely a great addition to my room's appearance and of course, the sound. My mix room is a small space that I do not want to over-absorb with panels and lose brightness yet I want to maintain liveliness too without bad-sounding reflections from the wall surfaces. The Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2 panels accomplished this balance easily.

A great way to dial in the reflections in your space without just putting up absorption panels, the Acoustic Geometry Curve Diffusor V2 panels start at $339.98 and are available in over 43 stock fabric colors, as well as many custom finish options like wood veneer and automotive paints. To learn more about Curve Diffusors and the lab test results, please visit

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